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ENDEAVOUR PLACE, Coxbridge Business Park, FARNHAM - SOLD

APRIL 2006


Unit A1 - 2,225 sq ft - Sold to Merchant Investors - April 2006
Unit A2 - 1,937 sq ft - Sold to a Private Individual
Unit B1 - 2,225 sq ft - Sold to Blueballroom - April 2006


Endeavour Place is part of Coxbridge Business Park, situated off the A31 to the west of Farnham. The Park is ideally located for access to the town centre and the surrounding road networks.   Endeavour Place provides a rare opportunity to own or lease new, high quality office space adjacent to an area of outstanding beauty and yet benefiting from all the advantages of a thriving business location.

Please contact Derek Corden for more information.
Tel:- 01483 572999
Email:- derek@kingstons.net

Peter   Bellion

Peter Bellion
01483 572999
07905 419795

Derek   Corden

Derek Corden
01483 572999
07905 419796

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